Photography and Visual Arts

startups that focus on photography services, photo editing software, visual content creation, stock photography platforms, or innovative tools for photographers.

If you want to buy an amazing gift for your loved ones… There is a huge collection for you…

Hand painted portraits – (with frames or without frames) | paintings | hand painted tote bags | Hand painted outfits | Birthday gift | Ornaments | Keytags and many more…

Visual artist on a professional level.

Hasantha Balasooriya is a member of Sri Lanka’s National Art Gallery. He has over 6 years of experience in the art field.

Jana Art Group is his primary business. Which provides his clients with realistic portrait drawings. Kalabara Gallery is another business.

Kalabara Gallery is a business that sells handcrafted items. The majority of the Arts are decorated in traditional styles. You can buy wall decorations, cravings, bags, and pendants with beautiful views.

Even more so. Hasantha is a Management Undergraduate student at Sri Jayewardenepura University. In addition, he completed his diploma in Entrepreneurial Business Management at the same university.

As a vice president of project management, he currently provides invaluable assistance to Startup Hub.